What is chiropractic?

The literal meaning of chiropractic is ‘done by hand’. Chiropractic is an alternate health care profession that specializes in the treatment and management of neuromuscular skeletal (nerves, muscles and joints) conditions. Our approach is non- invasive and is drug free. The main aim of a chiropractor is to evaluate your spine and related tissues and to assist in restoring normal function and biomechanics. This will result in easier, pain free movement as well as overall optimal functioning of your body as a whole.


Dr Derusha Govender is a family orientated Chiropractor, who obtained her Master’s degree in Chiropractic in 2014. After qualifying as a Chiropractor she opened her practice in Phoenix with the wellness of patients at heart. She also aims to educate the surrounding population about chiropractic and the ability to improve their everyday lives. She dedicates herself to a high standard of assessments, diagnostics, and treatment of multiple musculoskeletal ailments.

She specializes in the treatment of sports persons, as well as the young and the elderly. Her youngest patient has been a 3 month old infant and her oldest patient to date is currently 80 years old. The aim of her practice is to restore the normal biomechanics and to allow normal movement of the spine to occur easily and pain free.